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Motors of „AT“ series in protection enclosure „d“


Three-phase induction TEFC motors, and designed in protection enclosure „d“ may be used in zones 1 and 2 endangered by explosive atmosphere, area of use II (all industry except mining).

In these zones such an atmosphere can occur during normal operation (zone 1), or its appearing is not expected and if it does occur, it lasts for short time period (zone 2).

Explosive atmosphere is a mixture of some flammable substances and air in the form of gas, vapour, mist or dust. Named dangerous zones exists in e.g.: gas plants, coke plants, paint shops, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, refineries, tankers etc.

Motors of series 5AT and 7AT are certified in conformity with European standards and standards of Republic of Croatia: HRN EN 60079-0, HRN EN 60079-1, HRN EN 60079-7, HRN EN 61241-0 and HRN EN 61241-1 by EX Agency of the Republic of Croatia and CESI (Italy) for all types of explosion protection ATEX II 2G Exd(e). Additionally, motors have been certified for area of fl ammable gases and vapours protection type ATEX II 2D Ex tD A21 IP65(6) T135°C as well. Motors of series 7AT have been certified for area of mining in protection type ATEX I M2 Ex d(e) I for areas of application with less danger of mechanical damages and earth sliding.

Motors of „AZS“ series in protection enclosure „e“– increased safety


MOTORS OF „AZS“ SERIES – increased safety -”e”. Explosion protection identifi cation Ex e II. Electrical devices designed in such a manner that there is small emersion possibility of malfunctioning caused by spark, arc or overheating of any part (even at locked rotor), beyond temperature class (in this case T3), that may cause ignition of potentially present explosive atmosphere.

Protection consists of: mechanical protection of active motor part under voltage from harmful influence, of water and dust, improved insulation system and reliable electrical connections and limited temperature rise during normal operation, even in the case of locked rotor malfunctioning within designated time tE.

Designed according to HRN EN 60079-0, HRN 60079-7, HRN EN 61221-0 and HRN EN 61241-1. These motor series are applicable in zones 1 and 2, sites of use group II, where they during normal operation do not generate spark and have limited temperature rise. For these motor series we have Certificate of conformity issued by Ex-Agencija (Croatia) for explosive gases and CESI (Italy) for explosive gases and fl ammable dusts (EN 61241-0 and EN 61241-1) on basis of which we are issuing Manufacturers declaration.

Motors of „AZN“ series in protection enclosure „n“ – non-sparking device for zone 2 and 22


Motors series “AZN” – non-sparking devices for zone 2 – “n”. Explosion proof protection identification Ex nA II without electrical circuit breaking.

This motor series fi nds widest application in zone 2, site of use group II, where is, with protection design of electrical devices which normaly do not generate sparks, prevented to because of ignition of explosion atmosphere during normal operation conditions, i.e. to be above temperature class.

Modern facilities mostly (even up to 90%) consist of dangerous zones defined by appropriate standards, where risk of simultaneous appearance of explosive atmosphere and ignition cause is considered as “acceptably low” what allows widest and for end user fi nancially most
beneficial application of electric devices in protection type “n”. Usage is allowed in zone 22 with appropriate index of mechanical protection (IP 65 for conducting or IP55 for non-conducting dusts).

With conducted tests and valuation of technical documentation by EX- Agencija (Croatia) – Valuation report of explosion protection no. 08 CR 036 and Manufacturers declaration are issued as proof of product conformity with mentioned regulation book and standard HRN EN 60079-15 and conducted tests.

Technical data, dimensional drawings and assembly drawing with spare part list and design options of motors series AZN can be found in catalogue pages 1. THREE-PHASE INDUCTION MOTORS and are indentical to motor series 5AZ and 7AZ.


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